Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Parker Tech Tour Truck Will Roll Into Town Soon

Ray McCann,
 Sales Engineer
The Hope Group

The Parker Tech Tour Truck is an industrial trade show on wheels, showcasing Parker’s innovative motion and control products. At The Hope Group, we help our customers with fluid power challenges every day and we are constantly seeking the latest in hydraulic and fluid connector products to meet changing customer requirements. This rolling trade show is a way for us to learn more and to share it with our customers.

The truck will be in Northborough on Tuesday, October 7, 2014 all day. If you want to visit, you can just stop by. Or, if you want to attend any of the five Motion Technology workshops, you can register for the classes on our website:

The truck has all new interactive product and learning stations, plus all the newest product demos. They took the “ride” off the truck since its last visit. That’s too bad, as it was fun pretending to be sliding around on a race track in that simulator. But, we’re providing free food, so that should make up for no “thrill ride” this time.

See Us at The Parker Store
We are also sending the truck to three of our branch locations of The Hope Group, in Lewiston and South Portland, Maine and Weymouth, Mass. They will also have workshops focusing on Hydraulic Process Filtration, Variable Speed Drives, and Diagnostic Techniques for Hydraulic Systems. You can register for those workshops at

 If you want more information, just call Cathy Donohue at 508-351-1809.