Monday, February 20, 2017

The Hope Group Provides Customer Support from Design to MRO Services

Steve Torigian,
 Service Manager
Hope Service

Here at The Hope Group, we are more than a parts supplier shipping off products to customers in New England. As a Parker Hydraulic Technology Center distributor, we offer a high degree of hydraulic service capability. We also offer expertise in value added services such as total system design, fabrication, installation, trouble-shooting, and MRO Services.

I came across an article posted by Parker Hannifin that explains in depth the benefits of choosing a supplier that is also deemed a Parker Hydraulic Technology Center distributor for total hydraulic solutions. The nature of the HTC distributors leads to greater reliability, reduced downtime, better efficiency, cost effectiveness, and better engineering in general.

“For the customer, post-design benefits are as important, if not more so, than an integrated solution. Increased productivity through enhanced machine performance saves cost and maximizes competitiveness in the market place. Similarly, well-designed integrated automation solutions are likely to be more reliable than separate elements linked together. Other aspects that can be optimized are energy efficiency (a known payback of an integrated solution), precision and security.” - Eric Zany, Parker Hannifin, Channel Manager (Read the full Parker article)

Other great benefits of doing business with a Parker HTC distributor, like The Hope Group, are that we provide local services including emergency repair, condition monitoring, hose replacement, cylinder repair, and hydraulic training. We are also experts in other technologies including, but not limited to, automation, electro-mechanical parts, filtration, electronic controls and machine intelligence.

If you have any inquiries give me a call at 508-351-1831 or send me an email ( Also, you can check out our field service page for more information.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

New Clear Bowls are a Solution for Parker Racor Spin-on Filters

Dani Morse,
 Fuel Filtration Specialist

The Hope Group

An important topic I’ve come across in the Marine industry is the compatibility of spin-on filters with clear bowls when the formulation of gasoline changes. In a recent Parker Racor article, I read that the most recent change is the 10% ethanol that has been added to the gasoline.

“Racor has performed extensive testing using the new E10 fuel and found the current bowls retained clarity and stability, after prolonged exposure. However, it was found that ethanol concentration exceeding 10% caused adverse material changes; including loss of clarity, crazing, and shrinkage, eventually causing the bowl to separate from the filter.” – Parker, Engine Mobile Filtration Team

Other factors can also impact the clear bowls such as age, temperature, ultraviolet light and fuel additives. Check out the Parker Racor article to learn what you should be inspecting and when you should replace your parts. They conveniently give you a visual of what to look for when inspecting and list the part numbers next to the replacement bowl numbers.

If you would like help with selecting the correct replacement or would like more information, please contact me at (508-351-1888) or by emailing me ( Or, visit the Filtration page on our website.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

When Operator Safety and "Safe" Failure is a Necessity …Rod Locking Cylinders is a Solution

Ray McCann,
 Sales Engineer

The Hope Group

I came across a Parker Hannifin Blog entry that was focusing on rod locking cylinders as a safety solution for machinery operators. It occurred to me that this information would be helpful to some of the companies that I come in contact with to reduce risk to the products they are manufacturing/assembling, as well as to the operators themselves.

Depending on what type of system you are running, a stop in your process is usually caused by an interruption to the power driving the system. If this happens to your machine and a "safe" fail is a priority, rod locking cylinders is one solution.

In their article, Parker explains how the P1D Series of ISO cylinders are designed to hold the loads safely in place if the compressed air supply fails. They provide cylinders for both dynamic and static applications.

"When an air failure occurs, causing a loss of signal pressure, the force from a set of internal springs pushes the mechanism to lock the piston using jaw clamps. It is important to note that these can only be used in dry piston rod applications as any grease, lubricants or coolants will reduce the effectiveness of locking." Franck Roussillon, Parker Pneumatics Division

To understand more about how rod locking cylinders can help make your process safer, read the Parker Pneumatics blog entry. You will be informed about the benefits it has specifically pertaining to dynamic applications or static designs.

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