Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Are You Killing Your Machinery?

Benji Grubel
, Connector Specialist
The Hope Group

The Hope Group Introduces Parker’s SensoNode Blue and SCOUT Mobile Software to help plant managers with their condition monitoring challenges.

SensoNode Blue is the latest addition to Parker’s condition monitoring product line for plant and equipment managers. It allows users to instantly collect data from the sensors and monitor it through SCOUT Mobile software on his or her mobile device. The sensors accurately track changes in pressure, temperature, and humidity which allows the software to calculate the data into predictive analytics.
The easy-to-use interface allows users to:

• Identify issues before they escalate
• Reduce Downtime
• Decrease Maintenance Costs
• Avoid Dangerous Situations
• Improve Labor Efficiency
• Record Better Information for Better Decision-making
When within range, 1,000 feet with a clear line-of-sight, each sensor is uniquely identifiable for easy association with specific assets and processes, which allows for quick diagnostics. The four available sensors include:
  1. High-Strain Sensor
    SensoNode High-Strain Sensors are soft, thin, conformable devices that can take accurate measurements and readings while being strained over 100% for millions of cycles. The sensors, which are made of a tough silicon rubber that can withstand the harshest environments from heat, cold, and shock to dust, vibration and moisture, can be used to measure strain or vibration in machines, vehicles, production lines, plants, and facilities. They are ideal for monitoring elastomer and other high-strain devices that are subject to overload or fatigue failure, such as air and fluid handling. Other applications include:

    • Elastomer joints and seals
    • Conveyer systems
    • Linear actuators
    • Hydraulic accumulators
    • Mechanical effectors
    • Pneumatic cylinders

  2. Humidity Sensor
    SensoNODE Blue humidity sensors measure 0% to 100% relative humidity and are ideal for both ambient and inert compressed gas monitoring applications. Humidity sensors monitor in-line and ambient humidity levels, allowing users to track gradual trends of increased facility humidity and better diagnose in-line humidity issues.

    - Injection Molding, where increased humidity in storage containers and the process lines can add moisture to the resin and changes the resin’s properties, which prevent it from molding properly.

    - Metal forming and fabrication, where moisture can cause corrosion and rust, increased dew point in compressed air lines and increased wear of moving parts.

    - Power Generation, where excessive moisture threatens the turbine’s gearbox with corrosion, reduced efficiency and breakdown.

  3. Pressure Sensor
    SensoNODE Blue pressure sensors are designed for accurate monitoring to alert users to any pressure drop and allow workers to diagnose issues early, which minimizes downtime, waste and rework.

    - Injection molding, where insufficient pressure can lead to partially filled molds, batch inconsistencies and trapped air or moisture.

    - Metal forming and fabrication, where incorrect pressure levels for hydraulically or pneumatically driven tools and assets can lead to overload or failure, overworked assets, and decreased operational efficiency.

    - Mobile equipment, where incorrect pressure levels for hydraulic lines can lead to overload or failure, overworked assets and decreased operational efficiency.

    - Power Generation, where increased plant fuel consumption and/or reduced output can be telltale signs of compromised integrity of rotary components or turbine structural damage. Sensors can identify turbine issues by monitoring pressures changes in systems such as hydraulic lift pumps, power units, and cylinders, diverter damper controls and nitrogen generators.

    - Welding and Industrial Gas, where sudden drops in pressure can lead to multiple issue with efficiency and cost including costly production interruptions, asset operation faults and tank depletion.

  4. Temperature Sensor
    SensoNODE temperature sensors monitor ambient temperatures, diagnose in-line temperature issues and track real-time data on the end user’s mobile device. The sensors applications that include:

    - Injection molding, where temperature inconsistencies can lead to part deformity, stress cracks and increased scrap, insufficient pressure can lead to partially filled molds, batch inconsistencies and trapped air or moisture.

    - Metal forming and fabrication,where inconsistencies in asset temperatures can have damaging effects that reduce precision and contribute to long-term damage. Mobile equipment, where inconsistencies in machinery temperatures can have damaging effects, including overheating, breakdown and long-term damage.

    - Power Generation,
    where turbines overheat and operate inefficiently so sensors can identify when turbine filters and/or oil needs replacement based on temperature changes in hydraulic lift pumps, diverter damper controls and hydraulic power units.

    - Welding and Industrial Gas, where temperatures outside optimal operating conditions can leads to inefficient operation, asset damage and even potentially dangerous situations.

    If you are interested in seeing a SensoNode Blue demonstration by one of our Product Specialists, contact The Hope Group by calling 508-393-7660 or email:

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