Friday, December 11, 2015

Parker ‘Onsite Container’ Hose Shop In Stock Ready to Install

Benji Grubel, Certified Connector Specialist
The Hope Group

Parker has introduced a fully customizable and mobile containerized workspace stocked with inventory and equipment needed for quick, easy and cost-efficient hose assembly. These innovative work spaces are called “Onsite Containers” because they use the standard 20 or 40 foot dry product containers frequently seen on railcars and ships.

Each container is custom-fitted with the shelving, cabinets, work benches, material hoists and hose reels to keep tools and inventory secure and organized. A bin-label program makes product identification and restocking even easier. The units are fully insulated, wired for electricity and have an HVAC system to make the unit completely climate controlled. The units also offer sprayed-in, rubberized flooring.

On its website, the Parker Onsite Container can be configured to include whatever the user requires. For example, you can select hose assembly tables in sizes from 60 inches to 96 inches; work benches, bin cabinets, bulk racks, hose reel holder, material hoists, and e-channel tie down systems. The cost for the units varies with the final requirements. They are becoming popular around the country at construction sites, remote locations such as mines and even for customers who need a hose shop at their plant, but just don’t have the room to inside. With a container, it can be dropped anywhere on the property.

Read more about the Parker Onsite Container at its website. And if you want one, email me and I will help you configure it, stock it and get it delivered.