Friday, July 21, 2017

Are You Keeping the Application in Mind When Selecting Your Hydraulic Hose?

Benji Grubel
Connector Specialist
The Hope Group

Whether you need a hose solution for agriculture, mining, construction, or transportation, the first thing to do is to fully analyze the application and equipment involved before specifying a hose. According to a recent blog posted by the Parker Fluid Handling Team, some factors to keep in mind based on the application are:

·         Bend Radius
·         Abrasion
·         Environmental Conditions
·         Temperature
·         Chemical Compatibility
·         Surrounding Environment
·         Regulatory Standards

Every manufacturer offers hoses based on specific applications such as for suction and return, phosphate ester, low temperature, transportation, marine, refrigerant, and oil and gas. However, when it comes to hydraulic hose in general, certain aspects of a hose could be preferred due to the application requirements.” – Kyri McDonough, Parker Hose Products Division
(Read Parker blog post for more detail)

The Fluid Connector Specialists at The Hope Group can help you acquire the precise hose you need taking in account how it is going to be used and any other outside factors. We will be able to suggest hose products that will work specifically for your application. We also offer custom hose assemblies. Take advantage of our expertise and we will help you select your hose. Feel free to contact me for more information at 508-351-1861 or by email.  (