Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Hope Group Offers Powerful, Wireless Diagnostic Tool

Benji Grubel, Connector Specialist
The Hope Group

If you are still using mechanical gauges and wired monitoring devices, you are not utilizing all the modern resources for diagnostic and condition monitoring. According to Parker’s recent blog on the subject, the last generation pressure tracking systems are prone to issues that include providing inaccurate measurements, damages to the device’s wiring by the machinery, and hand-written records that lead to human error. Parker’s SensoControl® product line is a powerful diagnostic solution for pneumatic and hydraulic applications. And now, one of their most popular devices, ServiceJunior™CONNECT is wireless.

ServiceJunior ™ CONNECT has many features that include:

·         Digital pressure monitoring

o   Capture minimum/maximum pressure changes at a rate of 10 ms
o    Digital readout more accurate than mechanical
o    Exportable records and proof-of-work statements
o   Set alarms, create/view trend graphs, create asset records

·         Wireless operation

o   Powered by SCOUT Mobile Software
o   Fast accurate readings
o   No more wiring or hoses getting caught in machinery
o   Line of sight is not needed to obtain measurement
o   Allows users to be away from machinery while in use and under full load, reducing safety risks

·         Scalable and expandable

o   Increase or decrease the total number of gauges used
o   No need to reconfigure wired infrastructure
o   Works with SensoNODE™ Blue sensors via SCOUT Mobile
“Diagnosing a problem before it occurs is the primary objective. For this, having a steady flow of data that can be analyzed is crucial to help maintenance technicians make informed predictions of when something needs attention.” - Tad Orstad, Applications Engineer

The SensoControl ServiceJunior CONNECT digital sensor offers better performance and diagnostics than mechanical gauges ever could. If you would like more information, feel free to contact me at 508-351-1861 or by email. (

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